Bag up your unwanted
clothes, arrange a
collection and
Click Collect Clothes will collect for free!

All clothes will be reused ethically, raising money for charity, and you don't even need to leave the house!

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Bag up your unwanted items

Clean & re-wearable condition please (for more details see here)

contact us to arrange collection

Call us or use our collection form

we collect your items

From a location of your choice, at a time that suits you.

reused items make money for charity

We will sell the second-hand clothing/textiles to generate funds for charities, whilst also providing quality used & affordable clothing in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia.

Welcome to Click Collect Clothes

Click Collect Clothes will collect your unwanted clothing items and reuse them ethically ... for FREE.

Get rid of those clothes that just aren't you anymore by bagging them up for Click Collect Clothes. We all have those tops that are too tight or trousers that don't sit quite right. Why not free up some space in your wardrobe?

And what's even better is that you will be helping to raise money for worthwhile causes in the process...whilst also:

  • reducing the amount of clothing sent to landfill
  • helping the environment
  • providing jobs...
  • ...providing affordable clothing to poorer parts of the world!

Find out how it works here and start decluttering your closet to be ethically reused.